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Proud member of the
HwaRang Taewkondo Federation

Cane Masters International

Inayan Training Organization

Black Belt Bureau

Home of 54 National Champions


Pil Sung Martial Arts is located in
Rupert, Idaho, next to Ridley's
Grocery Store.  We offer training
in Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, Cane
Self-Defense and some weapons
training. Self-Defense classes are
available for groups by contacting
one of our Black Belts.

Our studio is a spacious 1885 square feet, and every foot of it is used for training. Our students range in age from 4 to 79 years, and each is taught in a very family oriented way that is designed to promote mental, physical, social and attitudinal growth.

Classes are taught according to age and belt rank.  At the left is Dr. Bill Fulcher, School Owner and 5th Degree Black Belt instructing a group of 7-9 year old in form techniques.

IIn addition to regular training, Pil Sung Martial Arts affords students the opportunity of competing several times per year in local, regional and national tournaments.  While participation is not required, we find that most students do compete, and with fine results.

For excellence in instruction and for exemplary service to both students and to the community, Pil Sung Martial Arts was named "School of the Year" for 2005 at the Hwa Rang Tae Kwon Do Federation's Summer National Tournament in Seattle, Washington.

We at Pil Sung Martial Arts invite you to join us!   We welcome you to visit and to observe our classes anytime!  To receive a free pass to try one of our exciting classes just fill out the information form in the contact us/free pass section.

                                             Upcoming Events

September 17th Regional Tournament
Pil Sung testing Sept 24th 2011